Blowin’ in the breeze curtains

These curtains are wonderful -inexpensive,easy to clean(wash and dry) and to me say summer and relaxation.

They are called narrow ruffle,perma-press in white and can be ordered at Country Curtains.

Ideas for Beds-Summer House

Here are some ideas for summer sleeping!

The first is a bunk bed,made by the builder for a house on the Vineyard. What I loved was the rungs on the side to scramble up to the top bunk. I thought it was all very nicely done.

The second example is a set of twin beds on these big red wheels. This is so clever-the beds can be moved around easily to create a double bed or two singles. Great idea for the many visitors with different needs that arrive in the summertime!

Location, location, location!

This is probably one of the most incredible beach houses I have ever seen.When the cabin was built in 1937 there was not a road to Aquinnah so oxen were used to pull in the lumber.The cabin was rebuilt in 1992 on the original footprint and amazingly sleeps 8 people.

Our friends invited us to come have a gin and tonic on their porch.My friend had told me that the house was completely out of sight of other houses and in the dunes of Aquinnah, on the Vineyard.. Nothing could have prepared me for the views off of this porch or the beach on the other side of the dune!

The Charlotte Inn in Edgartown-Martha’s Vineyard

This is the Charlotte Inn in Edgartown, on Martha’s Vineyard. We go there every year for our anniversary.It is by far the nicest,most beautiful hotel we have ever stayed in.Every detail is looked after. The gardens are incredible!

Harley Bartlett

This is another painting available at Powers Gallery ┬áright now. It is by Harley Bartlett and is called”Summer Respite”. A peaceful moment during hectic summertime! It is a painting of a classic Cape Cod sailboat called a catboat.

Art in ANY home!

Great art work can make all the difference in any home. I bought this beautiful painting (this is only a section of it) a few years ago from Powers Gallery in Acton MA. Check out their website-they have a lot of fantastic paintings.

This painting is by Sam Vokey. I loved it because it looks like our kids getting their boats ready for sailing class.

Never be afraid of too much white in a summer house!

A big decision-to paint woodwork or a fireplace white (especially in an old house) or not. We decided to do it- and it did make the room much brighter and cleaner looking.In the end we are very glad we painted it!

Backsplash in the Kitchen-Jane Leist,artist

The thing about a summer house is that you can have a bit of fun in your decorating-things can be more whimsical. I looked at a lot of tiles trying to figure out my backsplash.I really wanted to have something that I hadn’t seen before. All of a sudden I realized that I have always loved the way Jane Leist in our community drew fish-she would sell her watercolor sketches during the summer to make some spending money for college. I asked Jane if she could draw some fish,using my color palette,and then have someone transfer her prints on to tile. She found someone in NYC to do this,as well as the ones with the checkerboard and the polka dots. We took that idea from a cookie jar that I have!