Mad Martha??!!

I know what you are thinking-anything by Martha Stewart is usually hard to do and takes a very creative person to even think about trying. However,as I flipped through The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook I saw all of these ideas and definitely thought they looked reasonable!

Extraordinary Halloween

What a bunch of great Halloween finds my “Gettysburg Gals” and I found yesterday..very unique and different! We found these at Kelly Kinzle Fine Antiques in New Oxford PA-about 10 miles from Gettysburg PA. Let me know if you want more information-they don’t have a website.

Antique Pumpkins

These wonderful pumpkins are antiques-they were made in the 1940’s and 1950’s from paper mache and were actually used by children to collect goodies. A friend of mine has been collecting them for over 20 years and reports they are getting harder to find!

Painted Pumpkins

A friend of mine had a very clever idea and has a new twist on what to do with a pumpkin! She painted her pumpkins with two coats of acrylic paint and then painted designs on them.Think of the possibilities…..

Gather Your Witches!

A fun idea for Halloween is to collect witches.My collection started years ago but one of my favorites is the little orange smoker in the front. She is from Christmas Haus in New Oxford PA. They have all sorts of german smokers-including Halloween!