Oh Brother!


My all-time favorite author came to Concord last night to speak at  the Concord Bookstore. He wrote a book previously called “The Big House”(2003). I blogged about it on September 2,2012-I read it at the end of every summer as I am packing up to leave the Cape.

His new book entitled Brothers is a “captivating blend of historical anecdote,personal revelation,and psychological insight,this lively and imaginative book will serve up a great deal of wisdom(and just as much fun) to anyone who has ever been a brother or had a brother. In fact, maybe all you have to do is derive pleasure and nourishment from Colt’s book is simply to have once met a brother-it’s that appealing”.

” George Howe Colt is a master at balancing the personal and the  universe-the book makes a powerful case for sibling rivalry-and love-as a driving force not just in individual lives but in the world”.

GREAT Christmas gift idea!


Milton Magic

These beautiful arrangements are being made by the Milton Garden Club .If you live anywhere near Milton you can purchase them on Saturday December 1st, beginning at 9 AM at Cunningham Hall 75 Edge Hill Road in Milton,MA.

Holiday House Tour 2011

My house  was in a Holiday House Tour right around this time last year. I was lucky enough to have a dear friend do all of the floral arrangements-they were extraordinary. Eric Roth (the photographer )was positive she had to be a professional florist!

Christmas Pyramids

These beautiful Christmas pyramids are from Christmas Haus in New Oxford PA. They are so beautiful when lit and spinning around. We used to turn the lights out and just watch it spin while eating dinner when the kids were little…

Not So Secret Santas

Yes it is true-I have a lot of Santas. I started my collection in Switzerland when we lived there 15 years ago. It has been a lot of fun-easy gift for my kids to think of giving me and through the years friends have given me great ones as well. As with anything related to Christmas, it is about the family traditions that you have.

Starting on the Outside

A good way to start decorating for the holidays is to get some wreaths up on the outside of your house-doors and/or windows….while at the Garden Center or where ever you purchase your greens go ahead and get your roping for mantles and staircases–if you leave it outside until you are ready, it will last for the month.

Giving Thanks

Thank you so much to those of you who sent me pictures of arrangements you did after reading my blogs-I really appreciate it! Please keep sending-I will save for next year. Have a great weekend-on to Christmas ideas next…..

Last Minute Thanks!

For anyone trying to come up with some last minute ideas for your table maybe some of these will help. Keep centerpieces low so people can talk to each other-I get that complaint every year and so now am remembering it.(so even though the first picture is beautiful-how would people even see each other??!)