Collecting Christmas


Christmas collections-gingerbread men, Santas, snowmen-whatever it is that you love-can be a lot of fun and fun for friends and family to add to each year. I also rotate the things I put on this little tree in the Dining Room.It has had elephants from a trip to India,Swiss cowbells from the villages in Switzerland and so on.As I was hanging ornaments on my large tree this year I realized how many dog related ornaments(a lot of them celebrating the lives of former dogs) I have so next year, I think I will do a dog tree to commemorate those special friends who have been such a big part of our family.

Christmas Nesting


A lot of my friends told me to go check out the way Nesting On Main in Concord MA had displayed their Christmas ornaments and other merchandise. Needless to say, I loved it! For any last minute ideas take a look at their website or better yet,head on over!

Gingerbread Houses


Maybe because I am baking Christmas cookies with my youngest daughter today I am in the mood to talk about sweet things! My friend from Chicago just sent me these pictures of her annual gingerbread making party. it has become so popular over the 15 years she has had it that she now has a separate party for adults and one for children! Looks like fun…….

The Flower Bar in Larchmont,New York


I could not be prouder of my high school(and actually college too!) friend who has purchased The Flower Bar in Larchmont, New York. She comes to floral design after a career in arts and advertising. She is a graduate of the New York Botanical Garden’s Floral Design Program. She was a designer at The Flower Bar and jumped at the chance when it became available to purchase. Business is growing and she is rapidly becoming “the florist to go to” in Larchmont and beyond! I think you will agree her work is beautiful.

More Needling!


These are 3 of my needlepoint ornaments.The first one was made by my Mom over 30 years ago. She is telling a story:my husband asked me to marry him by giving me a teddy bear with a ring around his neck-the bear was wearing a t’shirt that said “Bear With Me”.The second is one I made to celebrate our 25 years of going to Cape Cod.I have made each of my college graduates a needlepoint ornament that is designed by Knit and Needlepoint on Newbury Street in Boston.They have many nice Christmas ornaments,belts and college pillows as well. Check out their website!

Nifty Needlepoint Ornaments


My friend in Connecticut has so much fun making these needlepoint ornaments. She always ties them into a gift for her family. For example- her son’s favorite team is the Rangers so she gave him the ornament with tickets to a game. Another child received the yellow taxi with a check to try to cover taxi rides in Manhattan for 6 months. Her husband received golf clubs one year, and her other daughter was given a gold necklace with the golden pear ornament. The Budweiser can celebrated when her last child turned 21-not sure what the gift was!

Family Trees:A Celebration of Children’s Literature


This wonderful event begins the day after Thanksgiving at the Concord Museum and runs until January 1st. Decorators depict a child’s book on a tree.They are always so interesting to see-people are SO creative! If you do come, please remember to bring a pair of mittens to donate to the Mitten tree.

Wonderful World of Winston Flowers


Nobody displays their flowers quite like Winston’s-it is like walking into a Christmas Dream going into their shop. For those of you who don’t live in the Boston area,perhaps there are some ideas for you… just found out they have opened a store in Greenwich CT!

Quill Joy!


My friend here in Concord made this beautiful centerpiece. She found an interesting container and put a wedge of oasis in the center.She then simply inserted feathers and with toothpicks put the apples around the edge.Then she just added the berries and other decorations she had from previous Christmases. Love it!