Holiday House Tour-the Dining Room

47a2d910b3127cce9854884766ce0000003810wAZNXLhs0bM2bUg47a2d910b3127cce98548858e7e10000003810wAZNXLhs0bM2bUg47a2d910b3127cce9854884166c80000003810wAZNXLhs0bM2bUg47a2d910b3127cce98548a4666ce0000003810wAZNXLhs0bM2bUg47a2d910b3127cce9854884ce7f50000003810wAZNXLhs0bM2bUgFlowers,mantle,  small tree celebrating trip to India with little elephants and other memorabilia….some ideas for YOUR Dining room!

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