Concord Farmhouse


This beautiful farmhouse was built in the 1830’s and is historically protected.It was a two family farmhouse until the late 1880’s when it became a one family house. In 2000 the current owner gutted the house and created new space but on the footprint of the previous structure. It has a gorgeous view out the front of a classic farm here in Concord.

This house is stained in Ben Moore Pewter Gray.

Thoreau House


This is the house of Henry David Thoreau. He lived his whole life in Concord although not all of his years were spent in this house. He was born in a different house, lived for two years as a handyman for Ralph Waldo Emerson in his house, and of course famously spent two years and two months living on Walden Pond. His family produced pencils behind the house that were generally thought to be America’s best-mostly because Henry had researched german pencil-making techniques.

A common mistake is the thought that Henry wrote “Walden” while living on Walden Pond.He actually wrote “A Week On the Concord and Merrimack Rivers”there-an account of a week long trip he took with his brother and a remembrance of John after he died quite suddenly in 1842.In actuality, he wrote most of “Walden” while living with his parents in the third floor attic room of this house.

The house is called “The Yellow House” by Thoreau scholars and was later acquired by the Alcott family. They added the west wing and many Transcendentalist meetings took place there.
The color is known as Thoreau yellow-a special mix-but can be obtained from

River Beauty


This delightful house was built in the late 1800’s. It has a wonderful property that slopes down to the Concord River. The exterior is painted in Chestertown Buff(HC 9),the shutters are Hidden Falls(714) and the trim is Windham Cream(HC 6). All are Ben Moore paints.

Not So Old Antique!


This beautiful house was finished in summer of 1999. It is incredibly detailed and feels like a historic house. The exterior paint color is soothing and smart-it is called Ancestral White by Ben Moore.This color may be discontinued but the mix may be obtained from The shutters are a mix of Black and Essex Green-1 part to 10 parts.

Historic Beauty


Here is another beautiful antique home that greets you as you come into Concord. The original house was built before 1690.Rueben Brown lived next door and used this house as his saddlery. The paint colors used are Ben Moore Bennington Gray(HC 82) for the house, Monterey White(HC 27) for the trim and Essex Green for the windows and doors.

Soft but Brilliant!


This is a beautiful historic home that welcomes you as you drive into Concord.It was built in 1817. It is painted in Ben Moore Brilliant White in soft gloss and the shutters are Black-also in soft gloss.

Country Living


Yesterday I ran over to this house to take pictures in the snow that we just had. It is an antique farmhouse(1840) that has had a few renovations to make it a great house for this family. They also added this small barn/garage which looks like it was always there.
The colors used were Weston Flax (HC 5), Linen White on the trim and Black Forest Green on the shutters. All are Ben Moore paints. On the barn they used Country Store Red by TCA Premium Paints.

Nantucket Nice


This owner told me that when she was getting ready to paint her house after major renovations she was standing in front of the house and realized it would be nice to pick up the color of the lichen in the beautiful stone wall. It is called Nantucket Gray (HC 111) and is another historic Ben Moore. She also gets many people knocking on her door for the color!