California Closets


One of my friends asked me to cover “organization ideas”. I had to really think about what I would say and realized that out of all the renovations and projects we have done to houses the one thing I find the most satisfying is the closet in our Master Bath. We had taken an existing bedroom that was adjacent to our bedroom and turned it into a Master Bath and closet.Since we own a house that was built in 1844 there really wasn’t one before. We hired California Closets to do the closet space. They come in and ask you exactly what you have-how many pairs of shoes,pants, shirts etc and then design the space. To me the best thing they did was create a locking jewelry drawer. The drawer opens only with a magnet that they supply. One less worry and really keeps me organized.
If any of you have any organization ideas that really help you, please send them to me!

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