Use More of What You Have


These are all a bit of a stretch but I DO love the idea for an old CD case to become a container for a bagel.I also thought the paper clips to hold wires was pretty smart- and very good uses for an old “college” fridge and filing cabinet!

Use What You Have!


These have been floating around the internet world but in case you missed them I thought I would share them. Very clever ideas for re-using items you might already have.The old chair upside down is very interesting but I love the bicycle turned into bathroom sink-especially using the basket for towels! The old tennis racquets turned into mirrors were also very clever(great for a beach house) and what a fun idea for hooks in your mudroom for hanging coats!

Powers Gallery


These incredible sculptures are made by Patrick Pierce and can be purchased at Powers Gallery. They are made from stainless steel. I love the movement in them.

Powers Gallery is hostng an event this Saturday night,February 23rd from 4:00-7:00 pm entitled “Art and Architecture” and is showcasing a talk by Bruce Irving,the former producer of “This Old House”.

Think Spring!


Some friends are just so clever. My friend merely took a small white bag,glued on the pink ribbon,found a cute color for tissue paper and voila! She then added a tete-a-tete(little daffodils) as the gift. So adorable and a great peek at spring!



I just love collections. This friend of mine collects beautiful wooden canes everywhere she goes-travelling,antique stores….she also collects these gorgeous antique hat pins.
If you have any collection you’d like to share-I will blog it for others to see.

Really DOWN now!


Okay-THAT was really sad!!! Anyone who loved Matthew(is there anyone who doesn’t?!)is now not happy at all. And-we have to wait until next year-ugh!
What I also will miss is little goodies like these:

“Vetting” My Humor


I was at the Vet with my dogs the other day and wanted to share these cartoons(they have them up on a bulletin board)-I thought they were hilarious.

I also wanted to show a friend in Atlanta’s “bombs” that she made after seeing my blog last week!

Birthday Idea?!


In the vain of “what will they think of next?” my friend sent me the picture of the cake with “Happy Birthday Lauren” on it(it was my birthday this week) and so I googled to see what these are all about. They are gum paste letters and are made by Signe Sugar. Pretty cute!