Really DOWN now!


Okay-THAT was really sad!!! Anyone who loved Matthew(is there anyone who doesn’t?!)is now not happy at all. And-we have to wait until next year-ugh!
What I also will miss is little goodies like these:

One thought on “Really DOWN now!

  1. I got the version for the blind on my little TV (I know not why) last night, with a lady’s voice describing the action in between the words of the actors. I found it most distressing. And didn’t know how to fix it.

    And then I kept falling asleep; and so it was an incomplete and unsatisfactory experience especially the ending, which I did see.

    I shall watch it on my iPad this afternoon; and try again.

    Ugh. I, too, am not happy about Downton Abbey today. Although I did find the real owners of the Castle interesting, in the documentary between the first showing and the second one.


    PS The version which started at 11 pm was not with the added voiced description; but I was too tired to start all over again. Did you have trouble????

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