Haight- Ashbury in San Fran


My daughter insisted on seeing this area in San Francisco so off we went! There are a lot of vintage stores-all of the clothes from the 50’s and 60’s are coming back and this new generation love them. We also found this store Bettie Page. They have NEW clothes that are inspired by the 50’s icon Bettie Page. They are in many cities and have just opened a store on Newbury Street here in Boston. Fascinating!

3 thoughts on “Haight- Ashbury in San Fran

  1. Nice post and excellent photos. I am a huge fan of Haight Ashbury, having dreamed of visiting it from afar during the Summer of Love in 1967. I’ve had the great fortune to spend time in it on my nine trips (no pun intended) over the past 15 years. In June this year I will finally get to my first Haight Ashbury Street Fair, the annual explosion of music, food and anything goes. I have posted on the neighbourhood on my blog several times and, coincidentally, today I will be posting a dozen of my favourite photos of the area.

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