Spring Colors 2013

I always find it interesting that the colors that are IT for the season in fashion are also the same in decorating.You look at all the clothing stores and they are the same colors you see at the Boston Design Center on the furniture and window treatments with the fabrics. I googled Spring Fashion 2013 and this came up:
These pictures were in an article about decorating trends to demonstrate the colors:7d97511aba90f7ef8cd889bd98653923e62bca246f532f44ff189a92d78d9d7657c543d0d89e100da4728e3bc67ebccc
This room was in a magazine-clearly the decorator knew the IN palette!

2 thoughts on “Spring Colors 2013

  1. That’s because a company called Pantone pretty much dictates color fashion – across any industry that is using their dyes — kate huyett, VP of acquisition, retention & revenue / (646) 801-3723 / kate@howaboutwe.com

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 5:52 AM, Lauren Huyett Interiors

  2. Just heard the same from a chemist at BASF, which among other things makes lipstick and nail polish, all based on what’s dictated in Paris.

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