Great College Graduate Gift Idea!!


My friend’s husband just wrote this fantastic book-great to give any recent college graduate.You can purchase it on Amazon. Here are some of the topics David covers:

Only about 50% of today’s college graduates are working in jobs that require a college degree. How do you make sure your college investment pays off?

Can you imagine landing a great job after college? To succeed in today’s tough job market you must know what works—and what doesn’t.

Learn from 30 recent college graduates who overcame obstacles to start careers they’re proud of. This book gives students, new grads, and their parents:

–Inspiration. What will it feel like when your job search is successful?
–Practical action steps. Each chapter is loaded with tactics you can apply immediately. Beat Applicant Tracking Systems, learn shortcuts to building a job search network, and nail your next Skype interview.
–Access to critical resources: Save hours of searching. Everything you need to jump-start and sustain a successful job search is right here.

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