Northern Iceland

DSC02382DSC02388DSC02393DSC02405DSC02406DSC02408DSC02415DSC02420 DSC02419DSC02417Akureyri-Iceland-Tourist-Map.mediumthumbWe drove from Saudarkrokur where we were staying, to Siglufjordur,where we stopped and had a pastry and a coffee. We then drove to Dalvik where we went on a fantastic whale watch. They handed out very heavy body suits to keep us warm-we all looked like ghost busters! We saw a lot-porpoises jumping in the air and many whales that came right up to the boat. On the way back in we were allowed to go fishing-they handed out fishing rods. At the end of the trip they grilled up the fish and served it.

We then drove to Akureyri,which is the second largest city in Iceland with a population of 16,000. Akureyri boasts the best summer weather in Iceland-with summer sun in June and in July all 24 hours of the day. They have the northernmost botanical garden, an 18 hole golf course, lots of museums and great shopping.

2 thoughts on “Northern Iceland

  1. Lauren, I have been wanting to go to Iceland and you are the only person I know who has been! I love hearing about it!!


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