Going to Cuttyhunk is like taking a trip to the past. A very small island which has a population that swells in the summer and decreases to 15 or 20 in the winter,it is like living in a small town. Everyone knows everyone, there is a small general store, no restaurants except a small cafe near the docks, a little library, church and elementary school (in which there are two students)-these are considered the town of Gosnold.  The views are incredible from everywhere on the island.

It is located at the end of the Elizabeth Islands-between Buzzards Bay to the north and Vineyard Sound to the south.The island consists of 580 acres. Historically, it is the first site of English settlement and over the years, the site of many shipwrecks. Well worth the trip sailing over as we did, there are also ferries that run from New Bedford, MA-VERY occasionally once summer is over!

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