Old Dubai

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There is a section of Dubai that is considered “Old Dubai”. You can take a water taxi on old wooden boats, walk around an area where there are samples of houses from the past and most fun of all, you can go to the Souks for spices, textiles and gold. Remember -“Old Dubai” is only 60 years ago!

The Bastakiya area is home to Dubai Museum, itself located inside the city’s oldest building: Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787. It was very nice walking around that area and taking a look at spices for sale.

At the heart of Old Dubai lies the source from which the entire city has developed outwards. Dubai Creek is very, very important. If you look back to when Dubai was first mentioned in 1587, the creek had the same purpose at that time.That’s what’s unique in Dubai. You still find goods being imported and exported to and from different areas – the creek is still the heart of Dubai.

It was fantastic to see the spice souk , the textile souk (grab a pashmina!) and the gold souk. Gold is cheaper in Dubai than anywhere else in the world, and the price is set twice a day. 

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