The Apple Never Falls Far From The Moved Tree



There were 5 apple trees that had been planted about 50 years ago on the property. We had Onyx Construction (who is doing all of the landscape work,stone walls and site work) take a look at the 5 trees and they determined that 3 of them were worth moving-the new driveway is going exactly where the trees had been located.

The days before the move were very interesting-they really spent a long time very carefully digging around the roots,watering and then finally one day they were up in the air flying to their new location. That was in July and they seem to be fine-hopefully they will all make it and be in their new home at least another 50 years.

2 thoughts on “The Apple Never Falls Far From The Moved Tree

  1. It’s wonderful that you were able to have the trees moved. I hope they do well. There are many giant oak trees on the lot where we are building. We are trying to build around the largest ones because I’ve been told that they have very shallow roots. I’m not sure that they could be moved. 🙂

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