Late September and the Tree Delivery!

IMG_0985 IMG_0986 IMG_0989IMG_0993FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2FullSizeRenderWe have now added lots of beautiful new trees to the property-sugar maple,swamp oak,bi-color oak,tupelo,boxwood,locust, shag bark hickory and various bushes.

In addition, in the house-3rd floor is finished-cabinetry and floors in,walls painted. 2nd floor millwork is going in,painters are right behind them. Floors going in next week or two.1st floor is next! All bathrooms tiled and in process of being grouted. Barn office is beautiful and all finished. They are finishing up the shingles on the outside of barn and clapboard on house.

Pictures soon- we are getting there!

4 thoughts on “Late September and the Tree Delivery!

  1. LOVE THIS!! CAn’t wait to see the finished product.

    It was magical, brilliant and epic to see Lauren this past week. Now we have to get a winter date!

    xx M

    Mary B. Malhotra h)212-517-5891 f) 212-517-2521 c) 917-741-0627


  2. Oh my goodness, you are almost there!!!! Wow, it is absolutely stunning, Lauren, we all are waiting with bated breath to see the interior!

  3. Getting very exciting! Give us more pictures as you have them!! Love it.

    C 404.932.6073 H 404.233.9032 Sent from my iPhone: please excuse brevity and typos.


  4. Lauren

    Love all the trees at your new spot!! It sounds as if you are nearly there – so exciting!!!

    Xo Jane

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