Settling into Woodstone

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We got moved in for Christmas and had such a great time with everyone home. It was incredible to me that we even got the Santa and Snowmen collections out and the little dog tree. Our new kitchen table worked great-wonderful for our large family.



It was great to get the art work unpacked-especially the 5 black and white photos of our kids that were taken 20 years ago. I also always feel like it is home after I get the needlepoints with our kids names up too-my sister did those as each child was born. We also hung the paintings that our daughters each did as gifts to us over the years.


And it was great to see the ping pong table again-it had been in storage for 9 years as it never worked in our old house on Main Street.


While we used all of of our existing furniture there were some “news” which was a lot of fun too!

5 thoughts on “Settling into Woodstone

  1. LOVED these!!! Where is that tiny mounted tv? In the kitchen? LOVE LOVE LOVE the needlepoints of the kids births and your anniversaries and the photographs, too perfect! Keep em coming!!

  2. Lauren-

    It all looks so fab! I love all your details and those photos of the children are fantastic! EVERYTHING is fantastic! You must love it đŸ’–

    Happy Sunday all Xx M

    Mary B. Malhotra c) 917-741-0627 h) 212-517-5891 f) 212-517-2521

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  3. Lauren: Love seeing the pictures of your new house!! It is absolutely lovely and must have been very special for all of you to have been there at Christmas! Nice seeing you and Bill at Trish’s party- have a great winter!! Best, Carol Meenan

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