Woodstone In Snow

Our first real storm (which is hard to believe!) in February. It was fun to see how the house and barn look with loads of snow-and it stayed very warm.

I have now been asked several times how old the house is-that is what we wanted!IMG_3496IMG_3490IMG_3484IMG_3479IMG_3491IMG_3478IMG_3483IMG_3495IMG_3497IMG_3498IMG_3477

5 thoughts on “Woodstone In Snow

  1. Lauren-

    This is lovely!! It look so peaceful. I’m so glad you and Buckwheat like snow. I think Vikram might shoot himself with so much snow (and this has been a light winter for you all!).

    Happy Super Bowl Sunday!🏈 Xx M

    Mary B. Malhotra marymalhotra@me.com c) 917-741-0627 h) 212-517-5891 f) 212-517-2521

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  2. Pure beauty. Your home seems to make history come alive.

    Question, please…what color did you paint the outside off the house? Thank you for the opportunity to watch your progress.

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