Last Touches at Woodstone

We (and our architect, Jen Hart) have always loved the railings that are on the pavilions at the University of Virginia on the Lawn and at Monticello,all designed by Thomas Jefferson. These designs were our inspiration for the railings on the side porches of Woodstone.



The railings were assembled first in our barn-waiting for a sunny, warm day to put them up.



Finally we got some good weather in April and up they went!


6 thoughts on “Last Touches at Woodstone

  1. Lauren and Bill, Woodstone is truly remarkable. You have both put your hearts and souls into this project with amazing results. Just gorgeous!!!

  2. Lauren-

    It looks absolutely stunning! Wow!! I love how you’ve poured so much of yourselves into it and each and every nook and cranny is part of you. It already has a story and you’ve only lived there for a few months. One question, however, has Buckwheat’s Rock driveway grown rocks through the winter???

    Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. Xx M

    Mary B. Malhotra c) 917-741-0627 h) 212-517-5891 f) 212-517-2521

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  3. Absolutely gorgeous – and love the history behind Woodstone. Having spent 3 weeks living at Woodstone last month, I can attest that your home is as comfy as it is beautiful! Love you, Gay

  4. Very interesting, Laur.

    The only thing that I’m confused about is that I can clearly see that the windows at Monticello have pillows in the upper floor windows to allow people from far off western places to sleep in the morning.

    I don’t see such pillows in the Woodstone pics.

    Perhaps they’ve been removed.

    What do you think, Gay?

  5. Oh Lauren, what a wonderful finality You have built the most beautiful house in Concord in 100 years. I hope you will enjoy each day you live there. Keep up your wonderful spirit and talent. I miss you and tennis. When you come to VT YOU MUST VISIT.
    510 Carroll Meadow Lane, Morrisvilee VT. on the Stowe line just out of center. 978-852-0832-c

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