Holiday House Tour-The Living Room


These adorable angels were made by the Milton Garden Club. If you look closely- it is a pine cone, a pipe cleaner,a golf tee, an acorn and a milkweed pod then it is spray painted in gold-so clever!!img_4932

These reindeer were purchased in Finland by Bill. The glass cubes are “ice cubes” made by Simon Pearce and tied with very thin red ribbon.img_4934



The family tree is very special to me. All of the ornaments have a story behind them. Interests the kids had-hiking boots for Kate’s days at Dartmouth,scrubs for Phil in Med School,Bud Light can for Peter’s favorite,computer screen for Chip,horses for Susan. We also have an ornament made by my Mom for when we got engaged-complete with the teddy bear with a ring around his neck as Bill did. I also have many handmade ornaments by me and by many members of our family.img_4951

The brass reindeer I  purchased this fall from Gerard’s in Lincoln MA-love them! Judy surrounded them with beautiful balls of moss and boxwood that she created, mixed greens,gold ribbon and magnolia leaves.img_4977img_4978

These are our pyramids-each of the kids has one and I also have my Mom’s.   I bought all of them either in the Black Forest in Germany or at The Christmas Haus,located in New Oxford,PA.  I used to go to the Christmas Haus when my two boys were at Gettysburg College.img_4952

3 thoughts on “Holiday House Tour-The Living Room

  1. Beautiful Lauren….I especially love the mantle. I have a few ornaments made by you on our Christmas tree and think of you every time I look at them:) Sending love.

  2. These are all so stunning and special I can barely STAND it! Those little pine cone angels remind me, at home as a little girl we used to make angels with detergent bottles, styrofoam egg plunked at the opening for a head, paper maché robes and head adornments, then spray painted gold, and they looked amazing! And those pyramids at the end, don’t the blades at the top swivel around when you have lit candles in the holders below them? My parents in law have something like that at Christmastime too! And the Christmas tree ornaments, and Bill’s reindeer from Finland with those clever Simon Pearce ice cubes tied in ribbons!! BTW, don’t forget the Simon Pearce headquarters is right near Twin Farms 🙂 But what is the story about the engagement with the teddy bear and ring, need to hear more about that?! And let’s not overlook the backdrop of it all which is your gorgeous home which is elegant, exquisite perfection, yet also FEELS like so much like a warm haven and home, even looking at it on the computer…you are amazing, thanks SO much for sharing!!! ooxx


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