Sara Campbell


Sara Campbell is built on giving back to the community, while creating and delivering not only a unique and beautiful product, but a transformational shopping experience in their boutiques.
Their “Made in USA” commitment is a hallmark of Sara Campbell clothing, as is their dedication to giving back to our local communities through participating in charitable and other fundraising events, including sponsoring such events in their own stores.

Blending luxurious fabrics with both timeless and on-trend silhouettes, Sara Campbell is the premier destination for women’s apparel and accessories. Sara Campbell styles, including the well-known Magic Dress, are celebrated by many women around the country. Along with surprise detail and unique trims, the goal is to design with a genuine feeling of integrity in all their garments. The collection represents the chic but modern woman.


I was lucky enough to meet Sara several times- at the airport and at her store opening in Richmond VA and then in her Plympton Street store in Boston where she showed a friend of mine and me her work areas. It was fascinating! She divides her designs by the time of day-5:00,6:00,7:00 and 8:00 so that they get gradually more dressy. She also has Holiday wear and Resort wear. I LOVE her clothes!DSCN1504

She started in Boston on Plympton Street, then opened stores in Wellesley and Concord. Now she has many stores in all the great spots-Naples FLA, Lake Forest IL, New Canaan CT, Alexandria VA and so on-check it out!


This is from her website:

We believe in people helping one another. It’s that simple.

 Helping our neighbors, communities, fellow business partners, and our customers is important to us. In addition to making beautiful clothing, the mission at the heart of all we do at Sara Campbell is to give back.

It is a pretty basic philosophy but it only counts when you are good on your word. We work hard to live up to that ideal.

Sara Campbell

We Care

Lovely Lake Living







I finally got the chance to see the finished house I had decorated up in New Hampshire last year.It is on a beautiful lake-perfect setting for relaxing summers! We had a lot of fun picking out the fabrics and I think the client is delighted with the result-it is a very happy house and fun to spend time in,especially on beautiful summer days.

Lawless Upholstery


This has been a really fun project that I am currently working on. My client had one couch that needed to be reupholstered and then wanted a second one to be made to match. Lawless Upholstery in Concord MA is where I always go.Shane does incredible work and is wonderful to work with. Pictured are the existing couch with the cushions about to be made amd the new frame(unlike most new furniture you buy in stores,Shane uses maple unstead of plywood!) ready to be upholstered. Also pictured is Glenn making the skirts that go on the chair we reupholstered for her guest room,and the ottoman that accompanies it. All fabrics are Duralee.

Install at Lake House


We had a lot of fun yesterday installing window treatments in a house on a lake that has been recently renovated. The Duralee and Thibaut fabrics are all fun and lovely together-they really reflect the personality of the client!

Spring Colors 2013

I always find it interesting that the colors that are IT for the season in fashion are also the same in decorating.You look at all the clothing stores and they are the same colors you see at the Boston Design Center on the furniture and window treatments with the fabrics. I googled Spring Fashion 2013 and this came up:
These pictures were in an article about decorating trends to demonstrate the colors:7d97511aba90f7ef8cd889bd98653923e62bca246f532f44ff189a92d78d9d7657c543d0d89e100da4728e3bc67ebccc
This room was in a magazine-clearly the decorator knew the IN palette!

Better to use than to get rid of!-Day 3 of Blogging

Here is a rocker that the client never used because it was uncomfortable and stained.It had been in her family a long time-I think it was her grandmother’s. She loved it and wanted to have it in her artist studio. Tomorrow I will show you how it turned out…..

Blogging on,day 2

Yesterday was my first day blogging and I already noticed a mistake. I said “my 5 kids don’t laugh”-of course what I meant was “my  5 kids: don’t laugh”! They always joke that I don’t know a thing about anything,especially anything related to the computer….any one else have teens and twenty year olds????

Today, I would love to start sharing with you chairs that have been saved by reupholstering them. The chairs you will see the next few days were also, as was my yellow stool, headed for the dump. Instead they were given a new life and used in places where the client thought of buying a new chair. Older furniture almost always is better than new -better made and sturdier than new.

This first one was given to the client by her Mom who was selling their beach house. I don’t even remember what it looked like before, but I do know that as it was in the upholstery shop window (after being finished) and he said he could have sold it at least 5 times!