Sweet Autumn Farm


I worked at the Carlisle(MA) Garden Tour on Friday and was placed at this wonderful farm. Sweet Autumn Farm is a small,diversified farm that grows heirloom vegetables,fruit,cut and edible flowers,herbs and seedlings. Their sustainable practices help to encourage a wide variety of flora and fauna through native planting,bird boxes and minimal mowing of the fields.The farm is completely run by power from the solar panels(pictured) on the barn as well as the rain water that is caught. They sell their organic chicken and duck eggs at the Carlisle Farmer’s Market and also supply many restaurants with their produce-they are the sole provider for 80 Thoreau in Concord.
They have 2 new litters of baby goats-I could have watched them all day!

Quill Joy!


My friend here in Concord made this beautiful centerpiece. She found an interesting container and put a wedge of oasis in the center.She then simply inserted feathers and with toothpicks put the apples around the edge.Then she just added the berries and other decorations she had from previous Christmases. Love it!

Christmas Ideas with Fruit


These are some of the ideas I loved using fruit in the Holiday House Tour. They are arranged by Jean Haley Hogan and Chad Michael Peters, in different homes.