Final Touches at Woodstone

We are moving in next week!! This is the fun time-seeing all of the lights we have picked out over the last year ,the fixtures,the wallpapers and paint colors,the knobs,the mantle details,the column(exterior) details,cabinetry and so on.The floors are all done now-first floor just needs two more coats next weekend and then good to go!

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Second Week in November

Things are really ramping up now!

The shutters went on the outside which made a huge difference.We still have railings that will go on the side porches.

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The front staircase also went in-very exciting!


AND the wallpaper guy, Russ Leonelli came!! The back staircase was tough…

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They are also making huge headway on the kitchen-the island comes tomorrow. Lots going on!

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Gerda’s in Vineyard Haven


 If you are ever in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard, stop in Gerda’s, right on Main Street…..she has really fun MacKenzie-Childs dishes and these wonderful cashmere wraps which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else! She advertises as “an eye catching mix of glitz and glamour!”


A True Family Home on the Cape


We went to visit friends here on the Cape who had renovated their house-gutted it completely. It was originally 3 small cottages from the mid 1800’s that had been made into one home years ago but as our friend said “you went up and down steps” to get to parts of each house. They created more of a logical house in the space-and it is incredible. From the beautiful views to the little details-they had a lot of fun with this project.

I loved the lighting fixtures-they were all made by Eloise Pickard of Sandy Springs Gallery. I also loved the way the owners turned the couches in the living room to look out at the views instead of the more traditional facing a fireplace or facing each other. After all, the views are incredible as they are right near the water.

The pop of aqua in the mudroom,the barstools with both San Francisco and Boston teams to celebrate the owners’ home town teams, the “Lilly” guest room with dresses she had framed from her girls when they were small, the really fun laundry room floor…all of it adds up to a home well-loved and very much showing the creativity and cleverness of the owners.

Install at Lake House


We had a lot of fun yesterday installing window treatments in a house on a lake that has been recently renovated. The Duralee and Thibaut fabrics are all fun and lovely together-they really reflect the personality of the client!

Kitchenette Restaurant in Manhattan


My girls and I love this breakfast place Kitchenette, in Manhattan. Not only do they have great food but I LOVE the decorating-so adorable!! There are two locations-one on Chambers Street and one on Amsterdam Avenue, uptown. Try it next time you are there!

Holiday House Tour 2011

My house  was in a Holiday House Tour right around this time last year. I was lucky enough to have a dear friend do all of the floral arrangements-they were extraordinary. Eric Roth (the photographer )was positive she had to be a professional florist!

Backsplash in the Kitchen-Jane Leist,artist

The thing about a summer house is that you can have a bit of fun in your decorating-things can be more whimsical. I looked at a lot of tiles trying to figure out my backsplash.I really wanted to have something that I hadn’t seen before. All of a sudden I realized that I have always loved the way Jane Leist in our community drew fish-she would sell her watercolor sketches during the summer to make some spending money for college. I asked Jane if she could draw some fish,using my color palette,and then have someone transfer her prints on to tile. She found someone in NYC to do this,as well as the ones with the checkerboard and the polka dots. We took that idea from a cookie jar that I have!

Happy first blog day!

This is so exciting to be part of the blog world for me (My 5 kids don’t laugh at me)……

I have been wanting to get a website up and going for a year or so and here we finally are! Many thanks to Julie Bannister here in Falmouth for being so patient….if anyone needs a great web planner please get her name from me.

My goal is to pick interesting objects, colors or ideas about decorating every day or two and pass them on to you. It may be something random but I promise to try to always be interesting!

This is what I want to talk about first. The yellow stool.When we bought our summer house the people we bought from were about to throw this out. What a treasure! Interesting finds can make all the difference…so my advice today: poke around in antique stores,go in your attic or basement but find things that are interesting and different and that most importantly, you like-things like this make a house a home.