Red Sox,World Series and Patriots Lamps!



If you are a fan there can be no better gift than this! Order a Red Sox, World Series or Patriots lamp now for the holidays from Concord Lamp and Shade. ( or 978 369 3000.) The shades all light up and become “night games”.  Good for any age and especially for the guy in your life that has everything….we ship anywhere in the US.

A True Family Home on the Cape


We went to visit friends here on the Cape who had renovated their house-gutted it completely. It was originally 3 small cottages from the mid 1800’s that had been made into one home years ago but as our friend said “you went up and down steps” to get to parts of each house. They created more of a logical house in the space-and it is incredible. From the beautiful views to the little details-they had a lot of fun with this project.

I loved the lighting fixtures-they were all made by Eloise Pickard of Sandy Springs Gallery. I also loved the way the owners turned the couches in the living room to look out at the views instead of the more traditional facing a fireplace or facing each other. After all, the views are incredible as they are right near the water.

The pop of aqua in the mudroom,the barstools with both San Francisco and Boston teams to celebrate the owners’ home town teams, the “Lilly” guest room with dresses she had framed from her girls when they were small, the really fun laundry room floor…all of it adds up to a home well-loved and very much showing the creativity and cleverness of the owners.

How To Measure A Lampshade


Customers come into Concord Lamp and Shade every day looking for a replacement lampshade. Ideally, the lamp requiring the new shade should accompany the customer – it makes for a much more single and successful trip to the store; without the lamp – or at least the exact dimensions of the existing lampshade, we are guessing at selecting a shade that will fit the lamp; my track record is not great without the lamp, but very often spot on with the lamp.

Lampshades are measured and sized using the diameters of the top and bottom as well as a side measurement:


A – the width across the top of the shade
B – the width across the bottom of the shade
C – the slant height down the side of the shade
D – the distance from the bottom of the shade to the washer in the center of the top ring (on most shades, this measurement is generally about 3/4” less than the height from the top of the shade to the bottom of the lampshade; however, on larger shades the washer is often recessed several inches)
The width across the bottom is also the “size” of the lampshade – an 8” lampshade or a 15” lampshade. The top dimension is important to the shape of the shade – it does not directly contribute to how the lampshade will fit the lamp.

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Nautical Lamp Shades for Summer!


If your summer house is on the Cape or one of the islands, you can choose a new lampshade made from the nautical chart that captures the location of your summer house and other shoreline locales. One of the most popular nautical chart lampshades is of the island of Nantucket, but Concord Lamp and Shade can design a lampshade using any nautical chart from the immense coastline of the United States, as well as inland waters such as the shade featuring Lake Winnipesaukee. We are currently working on a nautical chart lampshade that includes the cities of San Francisco, Boston and New York!

A nautical chart lampshade is not going to work in every room in your house, but we also have lampshades designed using the line of Cape Cod toile fabrics from Joan Peters. Whether it is the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket – Lobster Red or Lighthouse Gray or Sailor Blue or Vineyard Sand – we have a colorway, style and size of lampshade that will enhance any lamp in your summer house.

Simon Pearce Lamps

I wanted to show this picture again and highlight the Simon Pearce lamps we have at Concord Lamp and Shade-they are gorgeous! A great Christmas or wedding present-especially if you put a navigational shade(we can do anywhere!) or a toile shade from Joan Peters(we have Boston,Cape Cod,Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard in loads of colors) on it. We make them all to your specifications.

Lamp Shades-Joan Peters’ Toiles

These toile prints are adorable on lamp shades. They come in many colors and are of Boston,Nantucket ,Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard. We can make any shape or size for you at Concord Lamp and Shade in Concord MA. Joan Peters is out of Osterville,MA on the Cape and is famous for her fabrics which are all original.

Navigational Shades

Here is a great gift idea. We can make these navigational map shades at Concord Lamp and Shade in Concord MA. If there is a special spot where you sail, or got engaged, or just love we can make the shade for you. It makes a very special birthday or wedding gift.

Let’s Support Those Sox!

We sell this wonderful lamp at Concord Lamp and Shade in Concord MA. At night it turns into a “night game”-all of the lines and lights turn bright white. The names of the  Red Sox players are on the shirts of the fans watching the game. The balls that make the base are regulation balls and the base is made of ash  ( like a baseball bat.) Great gift for fans!!