Lawless Upholstery


This has been a really fun project that I am currently working on. My client had one couch that needed to be reupholstered and then wanted a second one to be made to match. Lawless Upholstery in Concord MA is where I always go.Shane does incredible work and is wonderful to work with. Pictured are the existing couch with the cushions about to be made amd the new frame(unlike most new furniture you buy in stores,Shane uses maple unstead of plywood!) ready to be upholstered. Also pictured is Glenn making the skirts that go on the chair we reupholstered for her guest room,and the ottoman that accompanies it. All fabrics are Duralee.

One more chair-saved!

Last chair to view for now….this one was given to my upholstery guy by someone who was “throwing it out”. He reupholstered it for a talk we did together with Carol Sarason (window treatments,pillows,bedding) on decorating at Carlton-Willlard in Bedford MA for senior citizens. I loved it so much that I kept it and brought it down to my summer house. Sometimes all it takes is finding a fun fabric-keeping in mind the scale of the pattern and the style of the chair.Image

“Well, I do have”…..

This is what I hear quite often-as with this client.”Well, I do have this old chair I inherited-it is out in the shed”. We were considering what kind of chair she wanted  to purchase for her new guest bedroom and then she remembered the chair out in the shed. Incredible. Again-the message: think about chairs you can reupholster instead of purchasing a new one!

Better to use than to get rid of!-Day 3 of Blogging

Here is a rocker that the client never used because it was uncomfortable and stained.It had been in her family a long time-I think it was her grandmother’s. She loved it and wanted to have it in her artist studio. Tomorrow I will show you how it turned out…..

Blogging on,day 2

Yesterday was my first day blogging and I already noticed a mistake. I said “my 5 kids don’t laugh”-of course what I meant was “my  5 kids: don’t laugh”! They always joke that I don’t know a thing about anything,especially anything related to the computer….any one else have teens and twenty year olds????

Today, I would love to start sharing with you chairs that have been saved by reupholstering them. The chairs you will see the next few days were also, as was my yellow stool, headed for the dump. Instead they were given a new life and used in places where the client thought of buying a new chair. Older furniture almost always is better than new -better made and sturdier than new.

This first one was given to the client by her Mom who was selling their beach house. I don’t even remember what it looked like before, but I do know that as it was in the upholstery shop window (after being finished) and he said he could have sold it at least 5 times!

Happy first blog day!

This is so exciting to be part of the blog world for me (My 5 kids don’t laugh at me)……

I have been wanting to get a website up and going for a year or so and here we finally are! Many thanks to Julie Bannister here in Falmouth for being so patient….if anyone needs a great web planner please get her name from me.

My goal is to pick interesting objects, colors or ideas about decorating every day or two and pass them on to you. It may be something random but I promise to try to always be interesting!

This is what I want to talk about first. The yellow stool.When we bought our summer house the people we bought from were about to throw this out. What a treasure! Interesting finds can make all the difference…so my advice today: poke around in antique stores,go in your attic or basement but find things that are interesting and different and that most importantly, you like-things like this make a house a home.