Woodstone With Windows

Today was a very exciting day. The first window made by Little Harbor  in Maine, was put in!


and this is the view out that front window-


The barn meanwhile, is starting to really look like something-the second floor is now starting to go up:



Moving Fast!



People kept telling me that when the framers arrive it all starts going quickly and that has definitely been true the last two days.  What was also a lot of fun was that the barn from Pennsylvania arrived today as well. In the next week or two they will be putting it back together,piece by piece. As Ian(the barn guy) told me,it is like building a piece of Ikea furniture-just a lot bigger!

We Are Floored



Now we have laid out and installed our floor joist framing system to the proper specifications. The subfloor decking is in.Next the walls will go up and then it will be very exciting to see! The barn is coming from Pennsylvania in the next week or two. It is all taken apart and they will reassemble at the property-the foundation is all ready for it.

The Building of Woodstone Farm




So many decisions when building a house.We met all winter and spring this year with the architects,landscape architect,builder….one thing we were sure of was that we wanted a house that looked like it had always been there. In our case, a federal style farmhouse seemed to be the right thing. One day we drove around Lincoln MA looking at houses and styles off architecture-doorways,windows,moldings,trim work. These are pictures from that excursion.

Getting Stoned??!

images-7images-3-1 images-1-1images-4-1


THAT got your attention!

Back to the building of the house in Concord. One of the things that the client really wanted to think about was using stone on the house-especially the front elevation. We had seen a house that we loved done by architect Gil Schafer III in NY State. What became very clear as we googled,researched and discovered was that stone is not prevalent in Massachusetts. You see beautiful stone houses in Pennnsylvania,New York ,New Jersey and even some in Connecticut but definitely NOT in Massachusetts.Ironically, there IS one stone house here in Concord right on Lexington Road (pictured above) .It was built by Cyrus Pierce in 1850 but I am not certain how it came to be made of stone.

On a google search this is what came up in Massachusetts:

Stone’s Public House in Ashland(the fact that  it is called “The Stone House” might make you realize that it is rare!),Stone House Properties(Real Estate),Nason’s Stone House Farm Store in West Boxford(famous for “awesome chicken pies!”) and that is about it. There were a few new houses but they really looked new and that is not what we want. There were definitely no federal style farmhouses, and that is the way we are all leaning.