Roof Lines-The Building of A House



I am helping a client build a house on a beautiful piece of property here in Concord. While it is thrilling,exciting and all that, there are loads of decisions to be made.

Foremost in their minds is to create a house that looks like it was always there. The property is on an old historic road surrounded by low stone walls,beautiful old maples and gorgeous meadows. The last thing they want to do is look like they have disrupted the landscape and plopped a house in the middle of it.

One of things we are all discussing now is the roof line…should they do a hip roof or a pitched roof?Which is more appropriate for a farm setting? The pitch roof seems more like a farm house but the way the architect has drawn the proposed house with a hip roof , the front elevation  looks a little smaller and more interesting. I also checked out the history in New England regarding this because they want the house to be historically correct. There seems to be an equal split as to the popularity of both, although you do see more of the pitched roof in a country setting.