Christmas Collections


I have had my Santa collection for over 20 years and it has been fun to open the box every year and get them all out-each one has a special memory for me; where I got it or who gave it to me over the years.  Whether it is Santas, a Christmas Village,small antique trees, nutcrackers, snowmen, “kitchen”, needlepoint, mercury, glass or dog ornaments -make a collection  part of your tradition at Christmas.

Santa Time in Santa Barbara


We have been hammered with snow this past week in Boston so around here it looks pretty ready for Christmas. I started wondering what it looks like where it is warmer and more tropical so I asked my sister-in-law to send me pictures of Santa Barbara. From the palm trees that are decorated,to the creche in front of the Mission, to the lobby at the Biltmore Hotel, to the flags on State Street ,to the trains set up at the library,to even the Buddha ,they look ready for Santa as well!

California Dreamin’ at Christmastime

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A good friend who recently moved to California went to the Reagan Library to see the special Christmas Tree exhibit. It was awesome. This year’s theme: 23 trees representing the different areas of California. These trees were dreamed up by one woman who spent the past year on the Internet researching the areas and tracking down the components. There were four other women that helped her, particularly with the assembling of the trees. Incredible!
Pictured are : Simi Valley where the Museum is located, Laguna Beach, Hollywood, Pebble Beach, Death Valley(notice the rattlesnake above the” T” and the scorpions,etc), Yosemite,Lake Tahoe(the skier’s skis come out at the foot of the tree!) and Chinatown .

Boxwood Tree Party

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This is truly one of  my favorite parties of the Christmas season-I love taking home my boxwood tree each year and we all have so much fun making them.They always turn out so differently and all are so beautiful. My friend gets all of the cut boxwood, the oasis(which she thoughtfully soaks ahead of time), the stands and we bring the clippers and the decorations to put on our trees. A very fun,festive evening!

Chicago Christmas


Every year I am sad we can’t make our friend’s Christmas party in Chicago-she decorates her home from head to toe and I would love to see it in person. Here are some of her ideas-at least she sends me great pictures!

Concord Museum Holiday House Tour


I was busy last week getting ready for the Concord Museum Holiday House Tour which took place this past Saturday. I decorated an already beautiful farmhouse here in Concord for the tour and a dear friend of mine did all of the lovely floral arrangements. From the “dog” mudroom to the Simon Pearce trees on the LR mantle to the silvery den-it was all a lot of fun to do!


Collecting Christmas


Christmas collections-gingerbread men, Santas, snowmen-whatever it is that you love-can be a lot of fun and fun for friends and family to add to each year. I also rotate the things I put on this little tree in the Dining Room.It has had elephants from a trip to India,Swiss cowbells from the villages in Switzerland and so on.As I was hanging ornaments on my large tree this year I realized how many dog related ornaments(a lot of them celebrating the lives of former dogs) I have so next year, I think I will do a dog tree to commemorate those special friends who have been such a big part of our family.

Christmas Nesting


A lot of my friends told me to go check out the way Nesting On Main in Concord MA had displayed their Christmas ornaments and other merchandise. Needless to say, I loved it! For any last minute ideas take a look at their website or better yet,head on over!

Gingerbread Houses


Maybe because I am baking Christmas cookies with my youngest daughter today I am in the mood to talk about sweet things! My friend from Chicago just sent me these pictures of her annual gingerbread making party. it has become so popular over the 15 years she has had it that she now has a separate party for adults and one for children! Looks like fun…….