Oh Brother!


My all-time favorite author came to Concord last night to speak at  the Concord Bookstore. He wrote a book previously called “The Big House”(2003). I blogged about it on September 2,2012-I read it at the end of every summer as I am packing up to leave the Cape.

His new book entitled Brothers is a “captivating blend of historical anecdote,personal revelation,and psychological insight,this lively and imaginative book will serve up a great deal of wisdom(and just as much fun) to anyone who has ever been a brother or had a brother. In fact, maybe all you have to do is derive pleasure and nourishment from Colt’s book is simply to have once met a brother-it’s that appealing”.

” George Howe Colt is a master at balancing the personal and the  universe-the book makes a powerful case for sibling rivalry-and love-as a driving force not just in individual lives but in the world”.

GREAT Christmas gift idea!