A Visit to Sunny Davos


Davos is about 1/2 hour from Klosters so we took a day trip there to see some friends. Most famous for the World Economic Forum(WEF) that takes place there,it is also a beautiful ski area-especially for cross-country skiing;there are many trails.The views pictured are actually the views they have from their porch.
Our friends have a very neat flat-I loved their swing which is from Colorado! It is made by
PS Design Incorporated. Of great interest to me too was their solar oven which they use daily to make anything from stews to roasts. She has had it for over 20 years!

Great Signs in Switzerland


As a family moving to a new country, my young kids always got a kick out of the new signs and symbols they saw.The wanderwegs(walking paths) with the doggie bag station always every kilometer or so,the beautiful carved signs, the long street name-Monchaltorferstrasse-that we suddenly had, but the ones that always got giggles were “Einfahrt”(the entry) or “Ausfahrt”(the exit) and of course this one on the bus sign!

Der Grosse Schnee!

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We had just about the best conditions for skiing that you can have-packed snow and lots of it,no ice,beautiful sunny day but not too hot,no wind……and who can beat eating your lunch outside on the patio looking out at the mountains??

Gruezi Klosters!


Nothing could be better than waking to the smell of coffee brewing,bread baking and finding breakfast out for you with several choices of cheeses(my favorite is Appenzeller!) and sausages,those delicious breads,homemade jams….
A beautiful morning greeted us our first full day in Klosters-clear blue skies,lots of packed snow..time to hit the slopes!

A Walk in Klosters,Switzerland


I don’t think there is anywhere as charming as most Swiss villages. Klosters would be near the top of charm. There are many old Swiss houses still intact.
The skiing playground of many-including Prince Charles, the late Diana and their sons, it is an incredible getaway.

Reise in der Schweiz


About 15 years ago we were lucky enough to live in Zurich, Switzerland with our 5 children for 3 years. It was a fantastic experience for all of us. This past week my husband and I went back to go skiing up at Klosters, which is 1 1/2 hours from Zurich. Before we went up to the mountains, we stopped in Egg,which is the village that we lived in. It was fun to see it all again-even the Forchbahn which so easily took us into Zurich-we could walk to it from our house.

Chicago Christmas


No one does Christmas like my friend in Chicago. She has a big beautiful Christmas party every year at her lovely home and decorates every square inch. Her german nutcracker collection has a music box in the center-this has 12 songs with 4 different shows;the curtain even opens and closes!
Her Christmas tree has hand beaded ornaments on it.She has collected them for years from consignment shops and garage sales. In the 1960′ s and 1970’s it was a popular church activity for ladies to get together to make these. My friend says as she hangs them on her tree she can imagine the ladies chatting away as they are making them.
For her out-of-town guests she places a pop-up Christmas book on each bed.

Holiday House Tour 2011-Library Mantle


I had a lot of fun with this one-celebrating our 3 years in Switzerland. I had collected postcards while there so I made a garland out of those postcards and stretched it across the mantle. On the mantle is my collection of little Swiss cowbells-you can buy them very inexpensively at all of the kiosks in different villages and cities.

Don’t forget! This year’s Holiday House Tour is next Saturday, December 8th-tickets at http://www.concord museum.org

Not So Secret Santas

Yes it is true-I have a lot of Santas. I started my collection in Switzerland when we lived there 15 years ago. It has been a lot of fun-easy gift for my kids to think of giving me and through the years friends have given me great ones as well. As with anything related to Christmas, it is about the family traditions that you have.