Thanksgiving 2011

This is how I decorated my table last year. I took my Williamsburg Apple Tree Form centerpiece and instead of using apples or fruit, I used small pumpkins.Then I trimmed some of my vines in the house and wrapped those around the pumpkins. Needing more color I then went for a walk and gathered pretty leaves and put those in as well.I was happy with the result!

Senior Thanks

A year ago I was asked to do the decorating for a Senior Citizen Thanksgivng Luncheon given by our high school. I had to make over 25 centerpieces on a very limited budget. I went to Home Goods and bought the tall wine glasses. In them I put a handful of raisins and nuts and then inexpensive Thanksgiving cups on top. I added a plastic cup inside so I could add water for the flowers. I had gone to the Flower Mart in Boston to buy loads of different flowers so then made the 25 arrangements,all different. These were all put on round tables set for 8 people each. For fun I added the crumply paper and the Lindt chocolates so that they could take those home.

Fill Em Up

A great way to add a little interest to your Thanksgiving table is by filling glass vases with either corn,candy corn or cranberries and put large candles on top. Cranberries are great because you can also use them with flowers. They can last as long as the flowers do without getting mushy. If you don’t use a lot they sort of float to the top  and look great also.

Hunky Hubbard

I always learn things when I go  to visit friends. This friend merely bought a Blue Hubbard Squash, put it in a beautiful antique wooden bowl and added some Thanksgiving people.Looks great on her kitchen table in anticipation of the holiday!

Many More Thanks!

My friend writes of this picture: “We were trying to fit more than 10 in my dining room for thanksgiving so we moved another table to the end of the dining table and made a “T”. Then used a mix of brown and white Spode game bird plates on a taupe linen tablecloth with antique amber glass to set a festive fall table. (Did not have enough amber glasses so mixed with clear ones).”   Beautiful!!